Saturday, May 5, 2012

Rebel Challenge Day 1

Getting things started with my lil' Rebel

Number 1 Challenge : Piecing

Things i learned about paper piecing thru lots of error
1. well inked pad needed
2. pick stamp easy to cut out
3. choose a light backround (can not see stamps with dark)
 made lots of doggies

Challenge #2 Hoard
I have enough Christmas Paper, stamps and bling to last me for the next 5 yrs
I love Mambi Christmas Paper and have been holding onto it
because it is so beautiful. But, today just for the challenge, I broke into it. 

Challenge #3 Food


Challenge #4 Bright Colors

Sandy did say bright
I was going to make it all bright yellow but my eyes were blinded
and decided to add the soft green... LOL

Challenge #5 Using 5 Elements
special card fold, tea bag, lace, tag crop,stamping


  1. You have certainly been creative! My favorite is the puppy with watermelon. I have a fondness for food and of course, coffee cards. Lol.

  2. Hi Dulce! Great great job on your cards! Love your paper pieced puppy -- so cute -- and as a tea drinker I am crazy about your teabag card, too! Way to go!

  3. You're such a Rebel!! Thanks for your cards and playing along in the OWH "Be A Rebel" virtual cardmaking party this weekend. All of your cards are great!

  4. All of your cards are great!! I really like each and every one! Thanks for breaking into your favorite Christmas papers for the hoarding challenge! I've had lots of good company while doing this :)

  5. All the puppies are darling! Love your cards.


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