Saturday, January 21, 2012

My Corner- Candy's Corner

Lets start at the shelves! I am person who loves to have fun glittery, cute, vintage stuff around. As you tour you will see a lot of vintage posters pictures and nick nacs.

Second shelf down in the white drawers i keep my stamps and all of my cuttlebug and spellbinder products. My book that keeps all the images of the stamps sits on top of this.

All of my stamps are in CD cases. They match what is displayed in the book. When i want to find a stamp i just look in the book and match the number. All my ink pads, perfect pearls etc... are in the right hand box.

Plain ribbon in the clear paint can. Micro ribbon in the spice jar.

Bottons for cards and glitter branches for my latest project. Just a snip is all i need and it keeps the room beautiful. My left over gems sparkel at the bottom of the wine glass.

Pattern ribbon hanging on the side of the shelf.

This box is on the right shelf. It holds all of my holiday pattern paper for Halloween, Thanks giving and Christmas. I am set for next years card making season.

Drawer 1 holds A2 paper with matching envelopes. Second drawer holds letters, numbers and rub ons. I have some great ones for the summer.

If you look carefully you will see my eyelet punch with my mini misters at the bottom. The basket on the right holds all my adhesives.

My candle (very important) behind it hold many many diffrent eyelets and brads. Computer is on my right side for watch netflix while creating.

The Angels that have keep me safe since my surgery 3 yrs ago and sweet treats (love Valentines candy) with my pens.

Latest project..making name plates for all my co- workers
Under my desk- Garbage can (recycle paper), paper bag ( recycle plastics) foot rest (camping games) and plain paper at my finger tips. To turn off all power it is a foot click away.


Not to offend any one but i am a huge movie fan and this has been one of my favorite since high school. LOVE IT! i blurred it for people who might be offended.

Do i need to say more......she is awesome!

this is a vintage movie poster. I am lucky to have found it.

One of my favorite sayings..... short version if you can not read it...
Will you tell me which way to go...alice said
which way do you want to go...said the cat
I do not care where ...says alice
Then it does not matter which way you go ..said the cat
as long as i get some where ...said alice
oh you are sure to do that if you walk long enough ..said the cat

this is a glass pane with dried leaves between glass plates. i add the verses that inspire me around it.

why get married? and virtuous girl post cards with my virgin mary my grand mother (god rest her soul) gave me....yes kind of ironic......


Left side of my desk is 3 storage bins. Top for items that are used often, middle is for OWH card storage until i send them away, and bottom shelf for future projects. To the left is a bask of all my my card making books. on top of that is all my non- holiday paper.

To my right are 4 drawers from Ikea. The bottom holds Plastic envelopes- 7 total, one for each holiday or occasion. So when i need to do halloween cards i just pull out the plastic envelope that contains, sticker, papers and embellishments.

Next drawer is our stationary drawer. stapler, label malker, extra supplies held in this drawer. The other drawers are personal- makeful and gift wraping drawer.

Next week i am purging  and will post the things i am willing to swap if any one is intersted.

and there you have it- My Corner; Candys Corner


  1. Thanks for the tour! I love the splashes of vintage throughout your space. Makes for a happy place!

  2. Very cool looking, eclectic crafting space that I imagine really inspires your creativity. Thanks for sharing pics. I've really been enjoying seeing other card makers spaces.

  3. Great little nook in the corner of the room. I love the window pane with dried flowers!

  4. Pretty awesome! I love how you have you're stamps organized with a book for reference. I'm still "figuring out" how my organization will work and these ideas inspires me. Thanks for sharing your world...

  5. I love spaces with themes! I love your movie posters and such. Your space looks so cozy and fun! I also love to "Netflix" and "youTube" while crafting. I'm currently into the second season of some discovery channel forensics show, where they solve murders. Also, it's my only chance to watch chick-flicks becaus the men of my house are always watching sports or playing games. What do you Netflix? :) thanks for sharing your space!!

    1. i also watch forensics but mostly movies of history or inspiring people. Depends on my mood that day. Thanks for the wonderful comments it made me feel good.

  6. Love your space and LOVEEEE your RHPS poster! One of my faves ever. I try to get my 7 year old to do the time warp but no such luck! LOL.


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